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  • Android Application published on Google Play.
    • Two objectives: upload pictures directly to database, visualize pedigrees in offline mode with a local database.
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  • We added the size of the dogs.
  • Tools for webmasters: we developped a plugin for WordPress blogs. You can now include pedigrees and virtual mating in pages and articles of your WordPress blog.
  • You can add FaceBook comments to every dog.
  • We have a new display of dogs, to have a better visibility of the "family" (ancestor, offspring, litters) and the quality of a reproductor.
  • Gadget: we have implented the OpenSearch protocol for web browsers. Compatibility: FireFox, Chrome, Safari, IE.
  • We have re-written the user interface to include an 'autocomplete' mode in every search zone (dog search, kennel search, parents search, etc.).

Classified Ads, November 2011

A new website for English setters: we develop a classified ad website that integrate the pedigree database. Go to Setter-anglais.fr Classified Ads...

Display, May 2011

As large screens are now standard, we plot family trees on four colums instead of three ones. We also improve page layout (offsprings and ascendants list).

Mod for phpBB3 forums, May 2011

A very simple mod to integrate into a post message a complete pedigree or a complete virtual mating page (with pictures and complete data). This completes the webmaster tools, with the Joomla Plugin. phpBB official website...

Percentage of Italian blood, March 2011

For French and Spanish dogs: computation of the percentage of Italian blood. percentage is computed on 8 generations. Funny and astonishing result!

Italian origins in the French livestock, March 2011

The number of entries in the database enables new statistical calculations. We studied the percentage of Italian blood in our dogs.
English setters: Italian origins in French livestock
Percentage of Italian blood in dogs produced in France, by year of birth.

Methodology and calculation

The working set ins the setter-anglais.fr database. We keep French livestock that is produced in France. So we start with LOF registred dogs. We eliminate dogs that we identify as pure Italian (imported dogs or French production with two pure Italian parents).

We identify a dog as pure Italian if it registred into LOI or when the calculation shows 100% of Italian blood.

The calculation is made up of 8 generations (if data is available). A dog registred in the LOF and whose parents are unknown is considered 100% French.

Inbreeding, janvier 2011

We have completely rewritten the calculation of rates of inbreeding.

The inbreeding is computed as a percentage of chances for two alleles to be identical by descent. This percentage is called "inbreeding coefficient" (source Wikipedia). In other words, it is the probability that both chromosomes of a pair are identical and come from the same ancestor.

The original version used the method of Wright [Wright Sewell 1992] and its basic formula
Fi = Σ(1 + Fa) (½)m+n+1.
In some cases the limitation to five generations was insufficient and the algorithm generates anomalies in other cases.
After review, we did not adopt the method Hardiman, easy to use and also set up on websites known, but whose results we believe are too rough

The probability calculation is obviously simple in simple cases (inbreeding on one or two individuals), but becomes extremely complex when it relates to lines that intersect and cross over several generations. And computation time also increases...

We used a calculation of 8 generations.

January 2011: Bleus de Gascogne

The Club des Bleus de Gascogneinaugurates its database for the New Year! Each of the 6 races managed by the club has its database.

January 2011: Joomla plugin

Joomla plugin inserts a complete pedigree in a Joomla article. So, the pedigree is integrated with the same graphic as the site. More info...

2010: summary

Spain 2010: Spanish version of the website is online since July 2010. It completes the Italian, English and French versions. Spanish visits are about 15% - 20%.
More and more breeders insert links to pedigrees and virtual mating pages in their websites.

Bleu 2010: ppreparation ofthe release for the Bleus de Gascogne.

Setters and korthals: both databases continue to grow at a steady pace, always with new users.
Videos and photo galleries are still thriving!


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