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Android App

The "pedigree database" app is now available for Android devices, phones & tablets. Pedigree App has two main goals that can't be acheived with the website on mobile devices.
Pedigree Application on Google Play...

Two Goals

Pedigree App has two objectves:
- Upload pictures directly to the database,
- visualize offline pedigrees with a local database.

Send Pictures

  • Take pictures and send them directly to the database. No more Usb tranfer to a PC! Simply select the English Setter in the database and send picture directly!
  • Uses? At home to fill photo gallery of your dog, on Dog Shows and on Fields Trials to illustrate competitors sheets.

Visualize pedigrees

  • A local database records all previously visualied data. This cached data is available in offline mode (when no internet connection is available).
  • The complete database can be downloaded and recorded on the SDCard.

Users Guide

User Account

You can visualize pedigrees without user account as on the website.
To uoload pictures you need to be registred on the website and you have to enter your data connection into the application.

To enter your data connection, use the menu "User Account". Enter the data you have received by email when you registred on the website.

Connection modes

You can select 3 connection modes in the application (via the menu "Settings")..

  • Mixt Mode. It is the default mode. The search is done through internet, the database is used as a cache. If a data is not in the local database it is downloaded and locally recorded for future use.
  • Online Mode. Every data is loaded via internet, even if data is already locally recorded. This is the slowest mode, but visualized data is always uptodate.
  • Offline Mode. Everything is done locally (search and visualization). Only local data can be visualized.

How to send picture

To send a picture you have to select a dog. The picture is added to the photo gallery of the lst visaulized dog.

Two ways to send a picture:
- in the app, call menu "send picture". You have to select a picture on the device, then the picture is sent to photo gallery of the displayed dog.
- when you shoot a photo or when you visualize a picture of the device, use the menu "Share via" and select the "Pedigree". The picture is inserted in the last visualized dog.

Developpers Choice

  • In December 2013, 25% of devices use Android 2.x and 75% a 4.x release. The developement team decided to support Android 2.2 (Froyo) and newer. This choice doesn't keep advantage of new functionnalities of 4.x releases.


  • Man idea:
    The Pedigree App does not stand in for the website. It has been developped to fit new requirements:
    • send picture directly from moble devices.
    • offline visualization.
  • Differences between Android App and website:
    Data modifications (pedigrees and kennels) are available only on web site. Advanced search functions are available only on website.